Corporate Social Responsibility

Latin American Minerals Inc. (LAT) understands that development of local communities and economies are vital to sustainable mining.
In order to best foster sustainable corporate development, LAT follows three basic guidelines:

1. Respect the communities within which we work,
2. Strive to preserve local natural resources, cultural and biological diversity.
3. Apply responsible exploration and mining practices.

LAT is committed to transparent and honest dialogue with individuals, communities, government and institutions.  To ensure support extends across each demographic, all efforts are made to distribute benefits equitably.

The Company provides employment, training, and technical expertise for residents of the communities hosting its projects.  The Company also assists communities around the Paso Yobai project in the areas of health, education, infrastructure, and community programs.


LAT has made a priority of investing in the improvement of local medicine services and facilities. Areas in which LAT contributes include:

bullet Vaccine campaigning for children and adults,

bullet Logistic and maintenance support for local hospital buildings and ambulances,

bullet Support of a medical post in the Paso Yobai area, and

bullet First-Aid training.


Community Support

Working to assist with the growth and sustainability of local communities, LAT directly contributes to their infrastructure by assisting with:


bullet Donations of cash and labour to local churches

bullet Maintenance of roads and bridges,

bullet Repairs to neighborhood buildings and churches,

bullet Support of book markets, local women’s groups, Children’s Day, Youth Day and school graduations, and

bullet Material support to local police forces

Latin America Minerals has found that the targeted forms of support it provides to local communities are broadly beneficial and produce impact well beyond the apparent dollar value.  LAT is pleased to be counted as a contributing member of each community hosting theCompany’s projects, and to berecognized as an adherent to the beneficial mining practices endorsed by the international mining community.


By encouraging and providing education, training and improved school facilities, LAT has positively contributed to the future of our host communities. LAT’s contributions include:



bullet Communication and training programs at elementary and high school levels,

bullet Communications programs for all local community workers,

bullet Educational workshops,

bullet Guided project site visits for high school students,

bullet Internships for students interested in specializing in geology,

bullet Agreements with university departments to carry out special studies,

bullet Support to parental committees in rural schools, and

bullet Assisting schools with supplies, equipment, structuresand maintenance.


Working with local communities, LAT’s support of activities is directed to furthering an environment that celebrates Paraguayan heritage.



bullet Sponsoring local traditional festivals,

bullet Sponsoring and otherwise assisting local artists, small scale producers and indigenous peoples,

bullet Promotion of cultural values and events.










Preservation of the environment is of primary importance for LAT, and the company always works to minimize and restore any changes it makes to project properties. Key activities in this area are:

bullet Environmental monitoring programs for all projects at all stages,

bullet Water monitoring of all projects before, during and after work programs and including water recycling at exploratory drill holes,

bullet Only vegetable-based drilling muds are used,

bullet Restoration of all exploration sites to leave them in their natural condition, and

bullet Training programs in local communities focusing on environmental preservation.